Public Safety

Ensuring the safety of our community is a top priority for County Executive Bello - that’s why he is making key investments across the public safety spectrum, from anti-violence strategies and law enforcement, to mental health programming and substance use supports.

County Executive Bello is fighting to ensure the safety of all our families, no matter the neighborhood they live in, the school they attend, or where they worship. We all deserve to live in a community where our children can play outside, where our basic needs are met, and where we feel safe in our homes and neighborhoods.  

At the top of County Executive Bello’s public safety agenda is violence elimination, with efforts that target gun violence by increasing resources that will enforce gun laws and crackdown on dangerous and illegal weapons. Our community will not tolerate the recent increase in violence, which is why Adam is working with community partners to invest in prevention, education, treatment, and enforcement.  

County Executive Bello is bringing people together, and changing the way we conduct public safety in Monroe County. During his first term he: